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1530   Copper cobalt mining minerals (3)
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1055 - Construction Engineering
ADDRESS : Kigoma Avenue 22 - PB 1531 - Lubumbashi - Katanga Province
TEL.: (+243) 2342232 - (+243) 2348351 - (243) 997 041 800
FAX : (+243) 2342275 - EMAIL:egmf@forrestrdc.com
Director President Manager: George Arthur FORREST
Administrator General manager : Camille LOMBET
Administrator Deputy General Manager : Malta David FORREST
Major works earthmoving generally executed outsourcing the mining industry.
The work of urban roads and sanitation.
Rehabilitation works dirt roads.
The preparation asphalt for road surfacing.
Building asphalt roads.
Building work and art works such as those of KAMINA and the supply channel of the hydroelectric plant of KILUBI.
The works water supply.
Mining activity including mining, dewatering, the stripping, loading and transport of minerals and sterile, and the management of the embankments. EGMF ensures metallurgical processing for production 5,500 tonnes of cobalt and 12,000 tons of copper.
Production ballast and rubble calibrated including work career (mining, stripping, loading and transport), crushing and screening and gravel washing (career Kipushi and KATONTO).
Prefabrication bricks and concrete blocks, nozzles and components concrete road.
Power line studies
Visit our website: www.egmforrest.com
Member ofGeorge Forrest International S.A.

Visit our website: www.forrestgroup.com

MMG Kinsevere SARL
Headquarters: 7409 Avenue of the Revolution, Lubumbashi, Katanga, DRC
Operating office: Kinsevere Territory Kipushi, Katanga Province, DRC
Contact:drc.administration@mmg.com - Tel: +243 817108143
Kinsevere is a copper mine in the copper belt of Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of Congo, in Central Africa. This area is renowned for its exceptional quality deposits. Kinsevere copper deposit is a high grade. The mine began production in 2007, initially with copper concentrate from a heavy media concentration plant (HMS). With the completion of Phase 2 of the project in 2011 - a solvent extraction plant and SXEW electrolysis - the mine has reached a capacity of 60,000 tonnes of copper cathode per year. Kinsevere is a copper mine in the copper belt Located of Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in Central Africa. This area is renowned for deposits of exceptional quality. Kinsevere is a high-grade copper deposit. The mine commenced producing in 2007, INITIALLY processing copper concentrates through a heavy media separation (HMS) plant. With completion of the Stage 2 project in 2011 - a $ 400 million-solvent extraction and electro-winning (SX-EW) plant - the mine: has a nameplate capacity of 60,000 tonnes of copper cathode per year.

Address Avenue Maniema 49 - Lubumbashi - Katanga
Tel. : 0970069669
E-mail : Recrutement@tigercongo.com
Website :www.tigerez.com