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New Baron & Leveque Africa (NBLIA)
Kibati Avenue 20 - Industrial District - Lubumbashi
TEL: + - baronleveque@gmail.com
Managing Director: Lionel Sohier
Member of

Heir to a long industrial tradition, NBLIA specializes in the fields of manufacturing and turnkey plants for installation, maintenance and rehabilitation of factories and industrial plants. In these areas, the company provides technical assistance and training services. NBLIA is also specialized in recent years in the rehabilitation of buildings and construction
NBLIA also offers a wide range of industrial products, precision mechanical parts to achieve boiler products. The company has a workshop of 6.000 m², Lubumbashi, inside which are carried out before the possible its goods outdoor installation, by its own teams.
Since its inception, NBLIA performs various works of manufacturing and assembly of metal structures. The company has built numerous hangars and factories key in hand but also of structures on the entire territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Its dynamism and flexibility, NBLIA has the capacity to respond instantly to customer demands despite a remote environment supplies.

Kipushi hub assembly. Treatment of erosions Bibwa. Construction of Lusonga markets in Lubumbashi and Kinshasa Masina. Mounting the slag treatment plant in Lubumbashi (STL). Construction of High-voltage lines. Mounting the laundry Luiswishi. Renovation of the Kenya stadium in Lubumbashi.