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2532   Sawmills - Timber (1)
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2530 - Forestry

SIFORCO - Industrial Company and Congo forest
ADDRESS: SIFORCO - Maluku - Province of KinshasaTEL. (243) 998,804,298 - 8804294
EMAIL :info@siforco.com
Dieter HAAG - Director Managing Director - Tel. :0999943865 -dieter.haag@siforco.com
Frédéric Flasse - Managing Director -siforcodk@ic.cd
Forest concessions in the Province of Ecuador: Region Bumba Bolombo, Bolobo, Montole, Bolila.
Wood processing: sawmill, slicing and export worldwide whole.
Main species : Afrormosia (Pericospis elata), Aniegre (Aningeria robusta) Bosse (Guara cedrata) Dibetou (Lovoa trichiliodes), Doussie (Afzelia bipindes) Iroko (Chlorophora excelsa), Khaya (Khaya anthotheca) Kossipo (Entandophragma condollei) Kotibé (Nesogordinia dewerei), Limba (Teminalia superba), Limba (Gilbertiodendron dev.), White Longhi (Gambeya Africana), Padouk (Pterocarpus soyauxii) Sapelli (Entandrophragma cylindricum), Sipo (useful Entandrophragma) Tali (Erythophleum SUAV.), Tiama (Entandrophragma angolensis), Tola (Gossweilerodendron balsam) Tshitola (Oxystigma oxyphylum), Wenge (Meletia laurentii).