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3530   Power plants, studies, construction, maintenance (3)
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AEMI - Atelier d'Electro Maintenance Industrielle. KINSHASAAvenue de la métallurgie 950 Limete Kingabwa CEO Frédéric Chaudoir +243 841 890 700Directeur technique Kinshasa et LikasiPapy Onokoko - +243. 841 890 701papy.onokoko@aemicongo.comResponsable commerciale KinshasaLaetitia Makangila - +243. 841 890 702laetitia.makangila@aemicongo.comKATANGA LIKASIAvenue des artisans,Quartier industriel, 20-24Directeur du siège de LikasiDavid Tshibala - +243. 841 890 714david.tshibala@aemicongo.comTechnico CommercialPascal Masudi - + 243 841 890 713pascal.masudi@aemicongo.comRe-bobinage de moteurs, alternateurs, transformateurs, stabilisateurs et onduleurs de toutes marques et de toutes puissances.- Réhabilitation et remise en service de centrales hydroélectriques.- Inspections et travaux sous-marins. - Contrat de Maintenance Industrielle.- Assistance Technique.- Inspection & Maintenance des cabines.- Inspection & Maintenance des groupes électrogènes.- Inspection par thermographie Infrarouge.- Analyses vibratoires.- Analyse de la qualité du réseau électrique.- Conception, réalisation & installation d'armoires électriques.- Usinage de pièces mécaniques.- Travaux sous-marins.Site web: www.aemicongo.com


ADDRESS : Heavyweight Route 33 Bis - Kinshasa Gombe

TEL. : + -EMAIL :info@cegelec.cd

Pierre VAN DE MERCKT - Director - + -pierre.van-de-merckt@cegelec.com

WEB SITES:www.cegelec.com &www.vinci-energies.com

Cegelec DRC ensures the design and execution of technical installations for energy infrastructure (substations, lines, distribution ...) HV / LV, AC / DC are the brand's activities "OMEXON".

Cegelec RDC Sarl also aims to develop the activities of the Vinci Energies Group following brands:
* ACTEMIUM: dedicated to industries: power distribution, control, automation, supervision systems.
* Citéos: dedicated to public lighting ..

ADDRESS : Kigoma Avenue 22 - PB 1531 - Lubumbashi - Katanga Province
TEL.: (+243) 2342232 - (+243) 2348351 - (243) 997 041 800
FAX : (+243) 2342275 - EMAIL:egmf@forrestrdc.com
Director President Manager: George Arthur FORREST
Administrator General manager : Camille LOMBET
Administrator Deputy General Manager : Malta David FORREST
Major works earthmoving generally executed outsourcing the mining industry.
The work of urban roads and sanitation.
Rehabilitation works dirt roads.
The preparation asphalt for road surfacing.
Building asphalt roads.
Building work and art works such as those of KAMINA and the supply channel of the hydroelectric plant of KILUBI.
The works water supply.
Mining activity including mining, dewatering, the stripping, loading and transport of minerals and sterile, and the management of the embankments. EGMF ensures metallurgical processing for production 5,500 tonnes of cobalt and 12,000 tons of copper.
Production ballast and rubble calibrated including work career (mining, stripping, loading and transport), crushing and screening and gravel washing (career Kipushi and KATONTO).
Prefabrication bricks and concrete blocks, nozzles and components concrete road.
Power line studies
Visit our website: www.egmforrest.com
Member ofGeorge Forrest International S.A.

Visit our website: www.forrestgroup.com