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4190   Dancing - Night Clubs (5)
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SALOON - The Club

The Saloon team welcomes you in a Place Where You Will mixed meet people all over the world. DJ David Ben Ft DJ play Western music, congolese and oriental music DEPENDING of our customers. If you are in group you can book tables, our sofas. Prices are entre 5000 CDF and 400 000 CDF. Free entrance. From Tuesday To Saturday - 5D / 77

POOL - The Pub

Open every days from 6 pm, you Will Find a quiet place Where you can play pool, slots machines, electronic darts and watch all the soccer games on big screens. All kind of classic drinks are available and you'll be ble to congolese taste beers with our rich variaty of Belgian beers.

Bangbang - Restaurant

BangBang Will assured your greatest welcome from 7 pm up to the morning in an open area 8 entre les-pool and the Western Saloon with food (machine guns, hamburger, croc monsieur), oriental food (samosa etc.) and Congolese food. Chicha est in our menu for all enthusiasts smokers. A quick service with fresh food for cheap prices (between 12000 and 4000Fc CF).


Boulevard of June 30, 3559
Kinshasa Gombe


Alain Crevesy
Phone: +

Visit our website:www.saloonkinshasa.com
Lubumbashi - Katanga

Avenue of the Revolution, corner Idiofa 240 - Tel.