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Funeral Services
Import-Export - Distribution
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5515   Gardens - Horticulture - Pool (5)
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2090 - Hardware - Tools - Health
4560 - Supermarkets - Shopping
innovates in the building seal.
Agents of SOPREMA FRANCE sealants.

Waterproofing, decoration, wooden and aluminum joinery, Plumbing, Electricity, Giproc, Metal structures.

Address: Avenue Colonel Ebeya 3, Kinshasa Gombe

Website: www.adamconstruction.net

Thierry Adam - General Manager Tel: + -thierry_adam_mf@hotmail.com
Passy Eyale - Technical Secretary Tel: + -passyeyalehr@gmail.com
Cyril Obey - Administrative Secretary Tel: + -kertisobey@gmail.com

Turnkey Projects
Interior decoration
Outdoor pools and hybrid
Garden design and huts
Avenue du Commerce 43 (next to the KCC clinic) Kinshasa Gombe
Tel. : 400 + & +
E-mail:info@brico-center.com - Website :www.brico-center.com

Fleurannie "Orchidéa"

Grand Hotel Kinshasa Gombe
Contact: Annie
Tel: 0999930177

Fleurannie "Rose Garden"

Hotel Memling, Kinshasa Gombe
Contact: Karine
Tel: 0821360712

Fleurannie Garden "The Garden of Olenia"

Avenue of the OAU concession GB (Shoprite)
Kinshasa Gombe
Contact: Ms. Leni
Tel: 0821099338 to 0974404864

Fleurannie "Flowers Anaïs"

Hotel River Congo, Kinshasa Gombe
Contact: Annie
Tel: 0818800944

Fleurannie HQ

Mutombo Katshi Avenue (behind Food Expresse) Kinshasa Gombe
Contact: Ms. Annie - Tel: 0999930177


TEL Tel. + -

SMASH KILLER, ecological and effective insecticide!

Against flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, lice, mites, bedbugs, ants, mites, mosquitoes, ...

Mechanical spray in your office. For larger spaces, Medifit uses either the power sprayer or atomizer or the fumigator. Lemon scent.

Boulevard du 30 Juin No. 53 - Gombe Kinshasa
Such. +
Email: sotracensprl@yahoo.fr

Sotracen is a founding member of the National Union of Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen Congo UNAGRICO acronym.

Kabalo 72, municipality of Kinshasa
Email: unagrico@yahoo.fr


Sales of crop protection products
Seed Sales
Fresh vegetables and Catering Service
Selling and chlorine bleach
Sales tanks 500 l, 800l, 1000l, 2000l.
Selling rat poison
pest and vermin control service.