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ETEC - Between Earth And Sky

Avenue Necropolis, District Mbenzale, Common N'sele
- Gombe Agency
- Limete Agency
- Advisor
- 089.700.7001
- 089.700.5000
- 089.700.5001
"Nothing better reveals the soul of a country that these cemeteries," Bertrand Beyern.
It is in this spiritWith its management plan to the new concept, which ETEC ensures a funeral service quality and guarantees you safety, maintenance and respect for burial grounds.

The management plan and new approaches are Necropolis, a real city of the Dead.
The objective is to reaffirm a cemetery is a heritage site, a cultural site; hence the importance given to green spaces and other monuments.

Necropolis Kinshasa Nsele is guaranteed a recollection in a framework for peace.